Conservatism Can Be Taught!

I was recently asked this question in a facebook discussion:

“If they’re rich, can’t they afford the taxes? unlike the middle class, they can.”

Here was my response:

“Okay, first of all, the premise of your question comes from the age old “class warfare” gimmick. When politicians want to pass a bill that would otherwise be unpopular (like raising taxes), they pit one group of people against another. If the target group is smaller than the group they are trying to rile up, that works best. So we have elected politicians in Washington encouraging those making less to become angry with the wealthy. As if the rich have no right to their wealth. They want you to believe that they have become wealthy at your expense. Forget the fact that most of them (unless they are heirs to fortunes) have worked their way up from the middle class or even from poverty.

Now let’s say everyone pays taxes at the same rate. We’ll go with 10% to keep it simple. If you make $10,000 a year, you pay $1,000 in taxes. If you make $100,000 a year, you pay $10,000 in taxes. If you make $1,000,000 a year, you pay $100,000 in taxes. Now that is a lot of money! Why should the millionaire have to pay 40% (or $400,000)? They are already paying the bulk of the money the government takes in. The middle class can afford to pay taxes and the poor don’t pay income taxes.

The other good reason not to overburden the rich with higher tax rates is because they are the ones who typically own businesses that provide jobs for the less well off. The more of their money the government takes, the less they can invest in their business. This translates to less job creation and higher prices on goods and services. Less jobs and higher prices reduces demand, creating a downward spiral where everyone is making less, become more miserable, and increase the number of people who become dependent on the government. When government dependency increases, the tax burden increases. But if less money is being made, the government takes in less money, and everyone suffers even more.

This has been proven in other societies. It has been proven in America that when taxes are cut across the board, opportunities for people to improve their station in life increase dramatically. When more people make more money, the government actually brings in more money even though tax rates are lower.”

Now someone else on this board made a comment to the effect that my explanation was wasted on this individual. However, this is the response I got:

“So what’s your point? Should the middle class pay more? I’m understanding what your saying here. Just help me…um, expand my knowledge.”

Rather than give the simple answer, I wanted to educate. So this was my reply:

“I’m glad you’re open to discuss this. Not everyone thought you would be. :)The idea that a person in America, regardless of their current station in life, has the opportunity to better themselves has been one of the greatest traits of our country from its beginnings. Much of the motivation people had to leave their homelands overseas and come to the New World was the idea that they could own their own property. They could work with their own hands and reap the rewards of their own labor. They were use to their homes and land being owned by the state or a lord, and large portions of what they worked for went to this lord or to the government. When you work hard to make a living for you and perhaps a family, it would be very discouraging to know that half of what you worked for went to someone else. There is no motivation to work harder.

Now if you had a choice to leave that situation behind and go to a place where your house and your land belonged to you, and you were able to keep almost all of the rewards of your own labor, wouldn’t you do it? And do you also see how much more you would be motivated to work harder when you can actually see that your rewards have helped to provide a better life for you and your family?

Going back to the original settlers in Jamestown and Plymouth, both colonies experimented with a type of socialism. Each family was given a plot of land to grow crops. The crops would go into a storage barn for the whole town to share. Those who worked hard reaped the same reward as the lazy ones. There was no motivation to work harder, the producers grumbled about the non-producers, and they ran into problems with a lack of food and starvation. When it was decided that each family could own their own land, keep their own harvest to use and sell, suddenly they had a bountiful harvest! The producers worked harder because they were reaping the rewards of their own labor. The non-producers had to work, or starve. The people also gave generously to widows and others who could not work. These bountiful harvests led to the first Thanksgivings.

This is a very basic principle that has made us the most prosperous nation on earth: The more you can keep of what you have earned, the more motivated you are to work harder to earn more. When more people see this and do this, they automatically become more prosperous individually, and the more individuals in the country who are prosperous, the more the nation as a whole becomes prosperous. The government can still take a small percent of what the people earn, but if the people are well off, that small percent is a significant number.

My point is, taxes should be reduced across the board. This is the ONLY way to truly stimulate the economy. Government spending will only worsen the problem because when they say “government spending” they mean spending taxpayers hard earned money. And when the government begins taking more of taxpayers money, as we know from history, the motivation to work harder is stifled.”

These responses that I am about to share with you tells me that CONSERVATISM CAN BE TAUGHT!

“Hmm…Well i never thought about it that way. Maybe that’s one thing i can agree with when it comes to republicans haha jk.”

“Thank you very much sir. You’ve helped me expand my knowlege ( I know, sounds very cheesy) and now I can actually debate with my friends and make sense. Thanks so much :)”

Don’t give up on teaching people WHY you hold to the values you have. If you don’t know why, learn why you believe what you believe. Internalize it so you can easily share it with those who haven’t thought about it. Conservative values have been proven to work, and they make logical sense. They can be taught!

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