I use to swallow all of this rhetoric, yet called myself a thinker…

Some thoughts on my political journey in the wake of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa:

I use to swallow all of this rhetoric, yet called myself a thinker. I supported policies and wars because ‘my’ president supported them. It humbles me to realize that I was actually just believing everything I was told by Bush, other Republican representatives, Fox News, etc. I believed that the GOP stood for the principles I believed in. I paid more attention to what they said than what they did.

My eyes were gradually opened during Bush’s second term. I realized that a government in which the GOP controlled the White House and both houses of Congress still spent like crazy and did nothing to reduce the size of government. I was as frustrated as anyone with Congress by 2006, and even though I did vote for Republicans, it was not a surprise that many lost their seats. I was still a fan of W, though…until September of 2008 when he (and Ryan) pushed for the bailout (which Romney also supported). This was the same year McCain was foisted upon us. I was able to vote for McCain mostly because Palin was on the ticket.

The last few years have given me the opportunity to question why Republicans, in the 6 years they had, did not follow through on what I thought were Republican principles. The things I have learned in that time have helped me to see what is really going on, namely, large corporations, through their lobbyists and their money, are really running this country. I have learned to take politicians’ words with a grain of salt and their voting record as the real truth.

In all this time, Ron Paul was not even on my radar. In January of this year (2012), when, seemingly by chance, I learned that Ron Paul was about to celebrate his 55th wedding anniversary (in contrast to Gingrich who Tim LaHaye had endorsed) and that he was strongly pro-life. This is what led me to learn about his other positions, and I found that he actually voted on legislation based on the Constitution and on what I thought the GOP stood for. I also found that when he spoke, his positions were based on an incredible wealth of knowledge, and that he was more interested in passing on that knowledge than on soundbites and self-promotion. His humility and his principled stance was a breath of fresh air.

Now I hope that I can educate others, so that they can see what I now see. ~Bryan

What they want us to see

The truth

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